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Big Belly Coffee Mug (Charcoal)
Big Belly Coffee Mug (Charcoal)
Big Belly Coffee Mug (Charcoal)

Big Belly Coffee Mug (Charcoal)

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Blending the art of hand-lettering and lifestyle products, The Jomu Co adds a personal touch to your gift idea. A minimalist coffee mug, personalised with your name to spice up your home! Each customisation is delicately hand-lettered with love by our very own calligrapher, making every piece unique and customised.  This gift idea is definitely great as house-warming gifts, birthdays, token of appreciation, farewell presents, wedding couples, bridemaids/groomsmen proposal, wedding entourage, etc.

Colour of Words Available

  1. Gold
  2. Black
  3. Rose Gold

How to Order

  • Input your customisation details in the text box above. 
  • Required details include: NameColour of Words and Handle Position 
  • Handle position will be RIGHT by default (if not specified under customisation details by client)
  • If you'd like to purchase more than 1 piece, you may choose to input all the relevant details for each mug in the text box at one go, separated by numerical listing. For example:
  1. Name (Colour of Word, Handle Position)
  2. Name (Colour of Word, Handle Position)
  3. etc

Product Details

  • Capacity: 400ml
  • Height: 9cm
  • Width: 8cm (without handle), 12cm (with handle)


  • Personalised wordings are handwritten and handlettered individually, crafted into vinyl adhesives before applying onto the mug. The mug is processed to withstand daily use and washing.
  •  If you would like to opt for handwritten and direct inking of wordings onto the mug, please send us an email at 
  • An additional handling fee of $3/piece will be required for direct handlettering and inking of wordings. 


  • Every piece has a unique marbling effect, thus, no one mug is ever the same.
  • Some mugs may have slightly uneven surface, tiny pinhole, air bubble or small black spot. These are natural phenomenons due to the manufacturing process of the mugs.