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Custom Brush-lettering Back-painted Acrylic Sign - 12" x 18" at $65
Wedding Welcome Sign (Acrylic- Custom)
Custom Wedding Sign Acrylic - 9" x 12" at $38/pair
Wedding Welcome Sign (Acrylic- Custom)

Wedding Welcome Sign (Acrylic- Custom)

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Receive your guests with our hand-calligraphed welcome sign. Handcrafted and designed in-house, this welcome signage will definitely be an eye catcher on your most special occasion. All brush letterings are hand-calligraphed by our very own calligrapher, making it a piece one-in-the-world.


  1. Primary draft will be sent to you with up to a maximum of 3 re-drafts thereafter
  2. Material: Acrylic Clear (3mm thickness)
  3. Lead time 4-6 weeks from date of payment. There will be a 25% rush fee imposed for urgent works. 
  4. Colour tone are subjected to artist's discretion. 
  5. We do our best effort to ensure that the actual tones are reflected when in discussion over electronic devices (phones, computers, etc). Actual tones may differ. 
  6. Brush painting is done by hand, hence it will never be symmetrical. Brush painting done on every piece is unique and cannot be replicated.