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Wedding Signage - Guestbook (Acrylic)
Wedding Signage - Guestbook (Acrylic)

Wedding Signage - Guestbook (Acrylic)

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Engage your guests with a personalised wedding hashtag signage - to share the love on your big day! Pun your heart out and create some fun & excitement among the wedding-goers. 


What's included
  • 1 piece acrylic sheet (9 inch x 6 inch)
  • back-paint colour of your choice (subjected to availability)


  • Rental is available for a 3-day block (default)


  • Under seller notes, please let us know the required details:
    • Back-paint colour of your choice (subjected to availability)
  • Colour tone are subjected to artist's discretion.
  • We do our best effort to ensure that the actual tones are reflected when in discussion over electronic devices (phones, computers, etc). Actual tones may differ.
  • Brush painting is done by hand, hence it will never be symmetrical. Brush painting done on every piece is unique and cannot be replicated.