[NOTICE] Temporary suspension of weekly mass meet-up collection at Kovan. All items will be shipped OR arranged for contactless collection at home studio.

Our Story

Hello there! I’m Jo, a self taught brush-letterer and calligrapher. I embarked on this lettering journey back when I was pursuing my Economics degree in National University of Singapore, and I never stopped since. Fresh out of University, I delved right into a roller-coaster ride - entrepreneurship. As a strong believer of no one size fits all, I’ve always loved curating gifts that are personalised and tailored. I believe in the power of personal touches - to warm people’s hearts and brighten their days. Nothing warms the heart more than receiving a customised gift that is created with lots of love, meant specially for you. Together with a strong support from my partner in crime, Damien and I established The Jomu Co in June 2017. 

How It All Began 

Our journey started only a year after Damien received my very first embossed drink coaster, personalised with his name as a gift on our anniversary. It took him a great deal of persuasion and encouragement before we decide to take this leap of faith. The Jomu Co was born after, and the rest is history. What started off as a passion project blossomed into an exciting entrepreneurship journey for us. This was made possible because of each and everyone of you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, those who have crossed path and showered us with so much love and support. Since then, we’ve never looked back. 

Our Mission

We started off with a mission in mind - to spread the art of hand-lettering through translating your love and thoughts into unique, personalised products.

The Brand

The Jomu Co signifies a blend of hand-lettering and lifestyle products, coupled with a personalised twist. We aspire to infuse personal touches into seemingly mundane everyday essentials and gift items. Born out of my hands in our private studio, each piece is delicately put together, handcrafted and hand-lettered with love. My constant exploration of new writing surfaces, mediums and techniques had enabled us to work with a variety of materials such as wax, soap, fabrics, acrylics, wood, ceramics, marble and paper stock. Now, The Jomu Co offers a collection of curated and personalised products ranging from home & living, wedding decor to gifts & favours. 
Our writing surfaces and techniques may change over time, but our practice will never. It is in our brand promise to bring out only handwritten fonts, personally lettered with love.
If you’re still reading on, thank you for sticking by! Dive in together with us as we explore the endless possibilities of curation.
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